That’s why owners and collectors of the finest vintage and exotic automobiles worldwide choose System X Automotive Ceramic Protection. Quite simply, they trust System X to consistently provide unmatched paint protection, hardness and brilliance.

    PROTECTION FROM HARMFUL CORROSIVES From salt to sand, exhaust fumes, 
   pollutants, insect contaminants, moisture and UV rays, your automobile is      vulnerable to element-related corrosion. In bonding to the substrate, System     X provides a semi-permanent ceramic coating that won’t wash off like wax,      polish or sealant — ensuring years of paint protection.

    LONG-LASTING BEAUTY WITH MINIMAL MAINTENANCE The unique formula of    System X locks in long-lasting beauty with ultra-clean surfaces and gloss       retention. The result? Greatly reduced time and expenses related to ongoing     care and maintenance.

    APPLICATION VERSATILITY System X products are specifically formulated to     enable application on virtually all dirt- and corrosion-prone surfaces of your     car. That means powerful protection for everything from steel and aluminum    to leather, vinyl, fabric, and glass.   UV RAY PROTECTION The sun is relentless in its assault on your automobile’s     appearance. System X provides maximum UV ray  protection for paint, to       prevent unsightly damage associated with aging and fading colors.

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